About Us
Sree Ambal A-Z Catering Services are an ultimate solution for your Catering Needs in and around Chennai. Tell us exactly what you're looking for and we'll match you with qualified catering services. Our major services are for wedding reception catering and other functions exclusively. It's fast, simple, and excellent.

We provide customer with the function package offer which enables you to walk into the function hall, go about your business and stride out smiling, without experiencing the tension of a wedding or reception normally involves have today emerged as a symbol of success through selfless service and sincere delegation of its team of members. Its initial assets of hard work, wholesomeness and understanding to customer satisfaction have made it enough with Non- Vegetarian and Vegetarian's taste.

Sree Ambal A-Z Catering Services were started in a motive to help the people who want their caterings or functions at one stop shop. Here we do A-Z catering services, Beauty Makeups, Hall booking etc., for all your lovable & evergreen memory functions such as Weddings / caterings, Receptions, Bethrothal, Parties, Birthday Parties etc.,

Sree Ambal A-Z Catering Service was started by Mrs.Nirmala who has vast experience in all these fields more than a decade. Mrs.Nirmala has dedicated & self motivated staffs for all her divisions which are secret of her success.

Call us for all your functions & Relax

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